Although it may seem easy, and like a no brainer, the best way to eliminate spam and speed up email is to set up the proper spam block on your email account. And, best of all, this is something which is simple to do, and its free, no need to purchase a pricey spam block software or cd to install on your computer. Although this is a simple concept, not many people set up the right spam blocks on their email acocunts, meaning things which should be sent to spam mail, are coming directly into their regular email account. So, before you go spending the money, and hiring a professional to check your computer, the first thing you want to do is to check your email settings, and make sure you have the highest level of spam block set up for your email settings.

This will eliminate over 90 of the problem in most cases, and its simple to do, plus its free. If the spam persists, you may want to consider a free download of a spam blocker online. There are several out there which are legal and can be downloaded for free, so before paying, check these out first.

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