Looking for websites that will review and evaluate anti-spam software before you try or buy? These are helpful websites that will give you their honest opinion about software.

Top Ten Reviews
Top Ten Reviews will test out any software, from anti-virus to anti-spam. Then they pick a top ten and tell you why it made the cut.

CNET is a must for checking out software reviews. Search for any software and click one. They have their personal review on each piece of software on their site.

Gizmo’s Freeware
Gizmo’s Freeware is a community website run by volunteers giving their personal reviews of the best free software (just as good as paid ones) on the market today.

PC Mag and PC World
Both give you the reviews of free and paid software. Both give out pros and cons, a “bottom line,” and then give you a detailed review backing up their claim.

Believe it or not YouTube will take requests for software reviews. just log in, search for software reviews, click a video, and place a comment on their page for a review. They will do it in the near future.

Always read these reviews before downloading any software.

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