Can you really get anything for free these days? Sure you can! Spam is free. I’m not talking about the canned version, I’m talking about those annoying unwanted e-mails you deal with over and over, day in and day out. I get loads of it each and every day like clockwork. The good news is that there are plenty of free spam elimination software options out there for people like you and me to choose from. Help is out there, it’s just knowing where to go.

First, check with your e-mail provider’s offerings. Most offer some type of spam control or at least have spam filters for your use. If the problem is out of control, however, I suggest visiting a site specializing in free downloads. Check out their top freeware section, then narrow results to search e-mail utilities and choose one designed for your particular operating system. Sort by ratings, most popular, and other factors and choose the best one for you. The reviews and descriptions are right at your fingertips. Another inventive idea is to type into a search engine “how to deal with spam.” You’re likely to find a tech site listing third party spam software choices.

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