Prevent Spam from Invading Your Email System

Spam has become a fact of online life. If you use a computer and share an email address you can be assured that, sooner or later, you will begin to receive spam mail into your email account. Before long a few spam messages can turn into hundreds. There are some tips and tools you can use that will decrease, if not eliminate, the flow of spam mail to your account.

How Spam Is Generated

Forwarding emails is a major contributor to the spam mail you receive. Each time the email is forwarded with your email attached there is the potential it will wind up in the inbox of thousands of people you do not know. If just one of those are spammers, your email becomes one of many in line for copious amount of spam mail. It is a guaranteed way to get you on spam lists.

Installing your email as a clickable link on any site, form mailers, auto-responders, registrar records, catch-all addresses for websites and even commonly named email accounts all provide spammers with the information they need to inundate your account with tons of unwanted mail.

One Tool That Helps Reduce Spam Mail

Most email accounts have spam filters built into the cPanel that when properly configured, help reduce the amount of spam mail you will receive. One method involves setting up your email to send a verification request so that senders have to respond to show they are legitimate and not spammers. Once verified, the address is added to a “whitelist” and is not asked to verify again.

Unfortunately, while spam mail is not something that is going to go away it is possible by incorporating some smart emailing habits and using the tools available to you via your email program it can be greatly reduced.